We take great pride in our work at Eagle Woodworking. Our custom dovetail drawers are made to the exact specifications of our clients.


We make our custom dovetail drawers using only the finest solid maple hardwood, from the most highly regarded lumber mills. This ensures that our custom made drawers are of superior quality. All the drawers we create are made with solid maple sides in 1/2" or 5/8" thicknesses and maple plywood bottoms in 1/4" and 3/8" thicknesses. As for finishes, we apply two coats of protective lacquer to each drawer, with a sanding in between applications.

Design Options

We offer many options to further enhance the custom look of your drawer. Options include scooped fronts, shaped sides, cutlery and utensils inserts, file drawers, drawers with dividers, double deck drawers, spice storage, knife storage, and laser engraving.


We sell Blum hardwareWe sell Blum hardware as an additional service to our clients. These top-of-the-line runners ensure that whether the drawers are fully loaded or empty, closed gently or with force, they'll do so silently and effortlessly each and every time. Hardware can be shipped in advance of the order if desired.

On request we can provide other types of drawer hardware.

Turnaround Time

In order to provide the best service to our customers we have shortened our turnaround time to one week. Along with our shipping partners, FedEx and common carrier, we strive to ensure on-time delivery, with your drawers reaching you in good condition.

Before placing an order, please read our Measuring Instructions
Cutlery Insert
Product A
Cutlery Insert
Store cutlery neatly for easy access.

Typical layout has one divider going side to side located at the front of the drawer. The other dividers run front to back. Approximate spacing between dividers is 3" - 4".

  • Typically installed in a 4" high drawer.
  • Inserts can be removable or fixed.
  • The spacing of the dividers accomodate most cutlery 3" to 4", typical spacing.
Utensil Insert
Product B
Utensil Insert
Hard-to-locate cooking utensils become instantly accessible with our custom dividers.
  • Typically installed in a 4" high drawer.
  • Insert is 3" high.
  • Dividers are spaced to accomodate most utensils.
  • Spacing is 3.5" - 4.5".
  • Dividers run the full depth of the drawer.
Cutlery/Utensil Insert
Product C
Cutlery/Utensil Insert
Store utensils and cutlery neatly for easy access with our flexible combination inserts.

This insert allows for the storage of cutlery and utensils. Some dividers extend from the back to the front to provide utensil storage.

  • Typically installed in a 4" high drawer.
  • Allows for the storage of utensil and cutlery in one insert.
Knife Block Insert
Product D
Knife Block Insert
Free up counter space with our knife block insert.

Width of knife block is 16" or less. Spacing between knives is typically 1".

  • Largest dimension is 16" wide.
  • Knife block can be custom fit to any size under 16" wide.
  • Knife spacing is 1".
Spice Drawer Insert
Product E
Spice Drawer Insert
Eliminate the age-old problem of accessing and locating spices with our innovative, angled spice jar inserts.

Spice drawer boxes are left loose in the drawer. A typical 21" deep drawer will have 4 rows of spices. Each row is configured so that the spice jars are tilted.

  • Typically installed in a 4" high drawer.
  • Features 4 rows for a typical 21" deep drawer.
  • Rows are installed loose for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Rows are configured to tilt spice jars at an angle for easy and immediate visual location.
Drawer with Custom Dividers
Product F
Custom Dividers (drawing required)
Organize and neaten drawer contents with our customized drawer inserts.

Because our drawers are custom made, we can install dividers to your specifications and layout.

  • Dividers can be built and installed to your layout and specifications.
  • Dividers can be either fixed or removable.
  • Removable dividers are housed in DADOs.
Double Drawer
Product G
Double Drawer
Instantly increase storage space with our double drawer configuration.

Top drawer is installed so that it slides out of the way when the bottom drawer needs to be accessed.

  • The top drawer is configured to approximately one-half the height of the bottom drawer.
  • The top drawer has sidemount slides.
  • The bottom drawer can have undermount slides or sidemount slides.
  • The top drawer extends fully to allow access to the bottom drawer.
File Drawer
Product H
File Drawer
File Drawer boxes can be configured for either letter-width files or legal-width files.
  • Typical height is 10".
  • Bar sticks up 3/8" above drawer.
  • File bars can run front to back, or side to side (lateral).
  • Minimum width for letter-sized drawer is 13-3/8" O.D.
  • Minimum width for legal-sized drawer is 16-3/8" O.D.
Front Scoop
Custom Option I
Front Scoop
We can add scoops to the front of the drawer.

We can add scoops to the front of your dovetail drawer. Scoops are typically for pullout drawers. Our standard scoop is a radius 4" wide by 1" deep. Adding a scoop on the front of the drawer is optional.

  • Scoops are typically for pullout drawers.
  • Our standard scoop is a radius 4" wide by 1" deep.
Shaped Sides
Custom Option J
Shaped Sides
We can shape the sides of your dovetail drawer to your specifications. For custom shaping, please provide a sketch or drawing.
  • On the order form indicate the height for the front and back of the drawer.
  • We typically finish the front of drawers with shaped sides.
  • Adding a scoop on the front of the drawer is optional.
Laser Engraving
Custom Option K
Laser Engraving
Add your logo or text to our dovetail drawers with our custom laser engraving. Custom logo engraving adds a distinctive and professional appearance to your dovetail drawers.
  • Have your logo or custom text engraved on your dovetail drawer.
  • We can size and place your logo or text to your specifications.